Sunday, November 29, 2020

PS5 Outsold Xbox Series X And S According To Estimate


The PS5 launched a little later than the Xbox Series X and S, and the launch was staggered globally. But even then, an estimate puts the number of Sony consoles sold higher than the ones by Microsoft.

VGChartz estimates that despite being in the market for only two days, the PS5 sold 1,483,910 units in the week ending on 14 November. In comparison, both the Xbox Series X and S, having launched two days earlier in the same week, sold 1,345,386. The PS5 also sold better than the PS4 in its launch week in some countries, namely the US, Australia and New Zealand. Surprisingly, it didn’t do as well as its predecessor in its home country of Japan.

These are impressive numbers from both companies, to be sure. But it’s safe to say that not all of them have landed in the hands of actual customers. Many of them have been swiped by scalpers during their messy pre-order periods. And now, they are reselling them for as much double their proper retail prices, if not more.

For what it’s worth, the PS5 numbers are set to go up even higher once they become officially available here. Local pre-orders have already gone the moment they open. Hopefully none of them are going to scalpers.

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