Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 May Launch In Q2 Of 2021 Onwards


Earlier in the year, Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Flip alongside the S20 series. This may not be a strategy that the company will use next year. A new report indicates that the company will launch the S21 series in its scheduled Unpacked event in January, with the Z Flip 2 coming significantly after.

According to The Elec, Samsung will only launch the Galaxy Z Flip 2 after the first quarter of 2021. The Korean tech giant believes there is overlapping demand between the new foldable series and the entrenched flagship line. Assuming that is the case, spacing them out will prevent the two lines of devices from competing with each other.

With the Samsung Galaxy S21 series launching early in January, this means there will be at least a three-month gap between it and the Galaxy Z Flip 2. It’s also possible that the foldable will only be launched all the way in August. This is usually when the Note line gets a new entry. But rumours of the line getting axed may be a sign that the company is making way for the foldables.

And then, there are the rumours of a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite as well. For what it’s worth, this sounds like a long way to go still, if the company is indeed making such a thing, that is.

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