Wednesday, December 30, 2020

2021 Chinese Zodiac Forecasts

 Remember, you have not ONE animal only like you have always thought. Every person may have up to FOUR animal signs, not just based on your year of birth, but month of birth, day of birth and hour of birth.

You can just use any “bazi calculator” by searching in Google to find out your 4 pillars which contains up to 4 animal signs.

General overview for 2021 split to 3 groups, if you have these in any of your 4 animal signs, then the star energy is affecting you, regardless whether you believe/like/realize/not.

Monkey, Tiger, Rooster, Rat
Be aware of the risks and opportunities. This is your year to shine.

Snake, Horse, Dog, Dragon
2021 will be like action movie, got action, ups, downs, romance and villains.

Ox, Goat, Pig, Rabbit
This will be a year of change for you. Now that you know change is coming for you, be prepared, don’t be surprised and don’t let crisis goes to waste.

For slightly more insight into each animal, watch the video.

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