Friday, December 18, 2020

48HOURS fast no food only water

 I did it! I will end my 48 hours fast this afternoon at lunch time

This is my first time doing it

Before doing this Extended Fast for preparation was doing OMAD (one meal a day) for 2 weeks so that my body can get use to it

What i observe while doing EF, the hunger will strike you at the 30th hours. This is the time when its mentally challenging

My 30th hours is @ 6pm yesterday but what i did i go for brisk walking for 30mins and hunger will slowly fades

And the challenging part also when you see people around you eating at that time even when i saw my son eating Doritos last night i wanted to snatch it from him biggrin.gif

The best part is when going up to the scale this morning

Total weight loss after 48hrs EF : 1.9kg (Results may vary individually) rclxm9.gif thumbup.gif rclxms.gif

I might again maybe once a month just to reset my body

Please watch this video for the benefits for EF 48hours

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