Monday, December 14, 2020

Apple Now Has Surveys About USB Cables And SIM Eject Tools For iPhone Users


In the middle of the year, Apple conducted a survey for its customers regarding the charger plug. This, in a sense, resulted in said charger plug not getting included in the box with the iPhone 12. Now, a new survey hints at what could go missing from the box with the next iPhone.

9to5Mac reports that Apple is conducting surveys regarding the iPhones’ Face ID user experience. These are pretty innocuous, but it does somewhat reinforce rumours from 2019 that the next iPhones will come with both Face ID and Touch ID.  But alongside those are questions about the USB cable and the SIM eject tool that come in the box.

For something that’s used so frequently, Apple not including a USB-C to Lightning cable sounds like a bad idea. The cable end of the charging setup gets handled a lot more often than the charger plug. This makes them a lot more prone to damage. Then there’s just the fact that wear and tear being an inescapable reality, and there’s no telling when they will fail on you.

The SIM eject tool, on the other hand, is something that you’ll never use until you get a new phone. But in the same vein, there’s no guarantee that everyone has their old one with them when they change phones. Unless they happen to be a hoarder to some degree.

While it’s no guarantee that Apple will exclude them, it’s difficult to shake the feeling that the iPhones of 2021 will have less accessories bundled than ever before. Maybe it’s a sign to hold on tight to the oft-neglected SIM eject tool.


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