Saturday, December 26, 2020

Dbrand Is Going Against Sony By Announcing Matte Black Faceplates For PlayStation 5

Even though the white-and-black design that Sony has used for the PlayStation 5 looked pretty great, many gamers have also dreamed of having it in different colourways. A huge chunk of them have actually been wishing for an all-black PS5 and there was an attempt by a company in the UK to produce custom faceplate to make that happen but it was quickly shot down by legal threats from Sony.

 However, it looks like the hope is alive once again as the popular skin, case, and screen protector company Dbrand has unveiled its own custom faceplates for PS5. The popular skin, case, and screen protector company which also has quite a livid online persona, has even challenged Sony to launch a lawsuit against Dbrand.

Prior to coming out with the faceplates, Dbrand has actually tried to design a skin for PS5. However, the company then decided to cancel it after not being able to come up with a true full coverage skin for the console.

While the company didn’t reveal much about its PS5 faceplates aside from the fact that they come in matte black, Dbrand stated that they will be OEM-grade and mass production will begin by the end of this year itself. However, the price and release date for them is not yet known for the time being.

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