Saturday, December 26, 2020

Telegram Introduces Voice Chats; SD Card Storage Now Available On Android

Telegram recently received an update, bringing with it a few new features. First among these updates is Voice Chats.

Simply put, Voice Chats is a feature that now allows any Telegram Group to have a voice chat room that is always on and running parallel to existing text, adding a “live layer” to said group. It’s a useful tool to have, especially if your intention is to hear the voices of certain individuals while dropping messages as well.

For Android users, they’ll also notice a floating widget at the phone’s edge, similar to Facebook’s Messenger app and its own floating bubble. Naturally, the functions are different and if we’re honest, it seems to borrow a page or two from the book of another popular messaging app, Discord.

Moving on, the update also now enables Telegram users on Android users to store their app data externally. In other words, you can shift your archives, images, and media content downloaded and passed via the app on to an SDCard. Speaking of Android, users on the OS should also notice the new animations for the “New Message” button, when opening profiles, as well as managing chat folders.

The update is already live and should automatically update itself.

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