Thursday, December 3, 2020

Former Google Employees Accuse Company For Alleged Spying Before Unlawful Termination


Google recently became the subject of yet another complaint but this time around, the complaint was made by people that are familiar with the search engine. In this instance, former employees at the search engine are accusing its parent company, Alphabet, of allegedly spying on them, before unlawfully terminating their employment.

The complaint is expected to be filed by the National Labour Relations Board (NLRB), which says that Google’s alleged spying followed by termination of employment, violates several US labour laws. In addition, the NLRB also found that Google instated a rule that made looking at the calendars of other coworkers an illegal act.

In line with the complaint, the NLRB is also hoping to get Alphabet to reinstate two employees that were unlawfully terminated for creating a browser pop-up notification whenever employees visited the webpage of IRI Consultants, an anti-union consulting group.

This isn’t the first Google has been caught in an ethical conundrum with its own workers. Some of you may remember when Google employees voiced their disapproval of the search engine’s partnership with the US military, to analyse drone surveillance footage back in 2018. The company also faced internal resistance with Project Dragonfly, a heavily censored search engine that it had built for the Chinese Government.

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