Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Fortnite Adds Time-Limited Mode Called The Spy Within

2018 breakout game Among Us just got ported to the Nintendo Switch. And it looks like it will get sort of ported to battle royale title Fortnite as well. Epic Games has added what it calls The Spy Within LTM, with the last three letters standing for “limited time mode”.

The way the game mode plays is essentially identical in Fortnite too. In The Spy Within, 10 players load into a game divided into two teams. Most players will be designated as Agents, and they will only know which other agents are in the same team. The two teams of agents compete against each other on gathering coins by completing objectives.

Though among the agents are two Spies, who are tasked with eliminating the other agents without revealing their identity. And throughout the game, players are not allowed to speak to each other. Unless, of course, a meeting is called. And one can be called by the agents when they are suspicious of another player.

If you’re thinking that this is Epic Games recreating Among Us in Fortnite, you’d be right. But the draw here is probably that it’s a limited-time game mode, which started on 15 December. No word on when it ends though.

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