Wednesday, December 16, 2020

SNK Has Plans For A Console Release In 2021

Gamers are still struggling to get the new-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft, both released this year. But it looks like SNK will also be stepping into the console arena next year. Though the nature of its console is as of yet unclear.

SNK announced its console endeavours via Twitter, which is quite lacking in terms of solid details. It claims that it’s gaming machine will be “A system to bridge the needs between passionate fans and console gaming enthusiasts”. The accompanying image has a rough recreation of the globe and a WiFi symbol, suggesting multiplayer capabilities over the internet.

Of course, having a console doesn’t necessarily mean SNK will be competing with the big three when it comes to home entertainment. It could end up being an arcade cabinet with a form factor that’s more home friendly. And the company certainly has a large enough library of fighting games to do so. Size aside, the Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet by Supreme and Arcade1Up from back in August comes to mind.

Of course, until SNK announces more details, what this supposed console will be remains a mystery. The silver lining is that 2021 is just around the corner, but a year is still a very long period of time to be waiting for an announcement.

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