Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Modder Transforms NES Ornament Into Full-Functioning Game Console With Raspberry Pi Zero

The season of Christmas is almost upon us and for many celebrating the season, that means decorating the Christmas tree with uniquely designed baubles. One modder and tinker board enthusiasts decided to take the matter a step further by transforming a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) shaped ornament into a tiny, yet fully functioning version of the original console.

Reddit user, RETROCUTION, achieved his somewhat insane project via the use of a Raspberry Pi Zero, a board that is half the size of the Raspberry Pi Model A+. Despite its size, though, the board is relatively generous with its specifications and includes a 1GHz single-core processor, 512GB RAM, a mini HDMI port, and composite video and reset headers, among other things.

Now, in case we weren’t clear the first time, this NES Christmas console is made from an ornament, meaning it is tiny; the machine measures in at 65mm long by 35mm wide, and the controls RETROCUTION made for it will barely fit in your fingers, let alone your hands. That said, he did prove it to be functioning via a CRT TV and even comes with its own set of miniature cables too.

This isn’t the first time a Nintendo-inspired Tinker board has made its way into the wild. Just last week, another hobbist thought it would be fun to stream the PC version of Cyberpunk 2077 directly on to a PiBoy DMG, which takes its design from the classic Nintendo GameBoy.

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