Tuesday, December 22, 2020

New Canon Patent Suggests Using A Touchpad To Replace Camera Shutter Buttons

A patent filed by Canon was recently discovered that is suggesting an interesting yet controversial approach to cameras. This newly uncovered concept aims to revolutionise the shutter button – perhaps one of the most important elements of the device – by replacing it altogether with a context-sensitive touchpad. 

According to the patent filing that was first spotted by the aptly named Canon News website, the new touchpad is situated where a shutter button is normally found. It also describes that the component can be used for other purposes which could also potentially see it replacing certain dials and other traditional functions.

Like most approaches such as LCD touchscreens, the patent reveals that the touchpad is capable of detecting whether the user is pressing or swiping on it. This enables the component to identify different commands such as snapping a photo, or maybe to adjust aperture, exposure and even shutter speed.

Canon News believes that one major benefit gained from this approach and by removing the shutter button is an improved weather or waterproofing on the camera body. Although this suggestion is true to an extent, the removal of a physical shutter button may not sit well with most photographers due to the lack of “traditional feel” that they are accustomed to.

As with other patents that are filed by Canon and by other brands, there’s a possibility that this new technology may not see the light of day. That said, we will definitely keep you posted should the brand one day decide to actually debut a touchpad “shutter” on its future camera releases.

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