Wednesday, December 30, 2020

New Boombox Feature Allow Tesla Owners To Change Their Car Horn Audio; Fart Sounds Included

Tesla recently released a new software update for some of its cars, which includes a new mode known as Boombox. Basically, this new feature enables owners to fully customise their car horn audio to output holiday jingles or wackier sounds such as a goat’s bleat, applause, “La Cucaracha” and even fart noises.

If the preset sound bytes are not in line with what car owners are looking for, the company has included the ability for users to upload up to five custom audio tracks via USB. Tesla added that besides the car horn, Boombox also allows for setting custom audio when driving the car or when it arrives to the owner via the Summon feature. Last but not least, the mode enables users to hook up their car’s sound system to their favourite media player, and fully convert the vehicle into an actual boombox.

As a bonus, the update also included additional improvements to the Emissions Testing Mode in Tesla cars. Despite featuring a fancy name, the mode is pretty much a prank feature that lets owners assign fart noises to various seats in the car as well as substitute the turn signal noise into fart sounds. The latest version of the mode now allows owners to use their vehicle’s external speakers to, well, make fart noises.

Speaking of which, the update is only available to certain Tesla car models – specifically ones that include external pedestrian speakers installed. It is worth noting that all vehicles from the company that are manufactured after 1 September 2019 already have this feature installed in order to comply with the rules set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the US. This requires all electric and hybrid vehicles to emit a sound at up to 30kph in order to keep pedestrians aware of the car’s presence.

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