Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Nintendo Paid About US$6 Million For Monster Hunter Rise Switch Timed Exclusivity

The recent Capcom hack revealed a lot of things that either wasn’t ready for a reveal, or wasn’t supposed to be revealed at all. Among the former are the Resident Evil Village details, including spoilers. Among the latter are details about Monster Hunter Rise that’s coming out on the Nintendo Switch early next year.

In its official announcement, Monster Hunter Rise, will be available on the Nintendo Switch on 26 March. But Nintendo paid Capcom around US$6 million for that privilege, according to the leaks. The company could have paid more to make it a permanent exclusive to its platform too.

But since it didn’t Capcom has plans to make Monster Hunter Rise available on PC sometime in October 2021. One thing that the leak suggests as a certainly is the game’s availability on Steam, since a leaked presentation mentions Valve’s involvement in “notification support for banners, IM messages, etc”. There’s also mention of collaboration with other PC makers that were involved in Monster Hunter: World.

Part of the leak also suggests that Capcom is apprehensive about giving Nintendo full exclusivity of Monster Hunter Rise. While not certain, we can probably thank the success of Monster Hunter: World and its Iceborne expansion on PC for this. The six months gap between the Switch and PC launch of Rise is similar to the gap for MHW. Which, if MHW is any indication, is a sign of content release disparity between the two versions.

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