Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Valve Launches News Hub On Desktop And Mobile Versions Of Steam

Valve announced that the News Hub feature for its popular Steam paltform has been officially launched. The feature was first introduced back in March this year for testing, which provides users with a personalised news feed based on the games that they play or are interested in playing.

News Hub is accessible in the Steam client by selecting “News” under the “Store” category. From there, users will be provided with every major and minor update including patch notes, upcoming releases, event announcements and so on. As mentioned earlier, the news feed is customised towards the user’s personal preferences and is based on the titles and game genre that they own or follow on the platform.

Where the older Steam news feed only featured a handful of gaming news sites, the new News Hub feature now allows users to add in content from the Steam Curator system. According to Valve, updates from curators will range from blurbs to full articles and some may also include YouTube videos that are playable directly in the news feed.

Other than that, News Hub makes it easier for users to explore events and let them sign up for email or mobile app reminders so that they can plan ahead. Reminders and notifications are added to either Google Calendar or iCal.

Last but not least, News Hub can also be accessed on Steam’s mobile app which is available on Android and iOS devices. 

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