Thursday, December 17, 2020

Qualcomm Partners with Ipoh ICT Company To Launch New Windows On Snapdragon Devices For Malaysia

During a media briefing today, Qualcomm has revealed that Malaysian ICT company, SNS Network has become of one of its local partners and is currently gearing up to launch its own Snapdragon-based Windows devices in our market.

In general, the collaboration is part of the company’s move to expand the reach of Windows On Snapdragon (WoS) products within Southeast Asia. While neither the actual product from SNS Network nor the release timeline was revealed during the briefing today, Qualcomm’s new effort to push Windows On Snapdragon in this region will revolve around Snapdragon 850 and Snapdragon 7c.

At the moment, there is only one WoS device available in Malaysia which is the Microsoft Surface Pro X. So, it is interesting to see that Qualcomm has taken an alternative route to bring more of them into the market by partnering with a local partner instead of relying completely on the big OEMs which frankly speaking, have been reluctant to bring WoS devices to Malaysia over the years.

Based in Ipoh, SNS Network made its name as ICT solution provider although the company has since expanded into retail business by opening several brand exclusive stores as well as a multi-brand retail chain and online store called GLOO. Several years ago, the company has begun to release its own products under the brand name JOI.

While we expect SNS Network will also position its new Snapdragon products under JOI since the brand is already in the market for quite some time, almost all of JOI’s products so far were powered by Intel though. So, it is quite possible that SNS may establish a new brand name specifically for Snapdragon but we can only be sure of that once the company is ready to reveal further details about them.

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