Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Recently Discovered Canon Patent Reveals A One-Handed Camera With Interchangeable Lens Capability

A new patent by Canon was recently discovered which suggests it is exploring on manufacturing a one-handed camera similar to the DJI Osmo. What’s interesting about the concept is that the camera allows for interchangeable lenses, specifically the company’s own RF line.

According to the patent, the one-handed Canon camera features a main body that could rotate 180-degrees vertically and swivel 360-degrees horizontally. The first allows it to do panning shots, while the latter would easily enable it to switch between forward facing and selfie views. This is attached to a hand grip that includes a LCD display with a smaller indicator screen and two buttons beneath it, as well as what appears to be a trigger-like button in front.

Typical of most patents, the company did not provide any expected hardware specifications for the device. However, it is believed that its mechanisms are motorised, similar to other devices of this category. One detail worth pointing out is that Canon’s patent did not depict any form of onboard stabilisation. But it is possible that it may rely on an in-body stabiliser or IBIS technology since the device’s main body did not exhibit any gimbal-like features.

Canon News reports that the company has actually filed five separate patents involving this design, although it is not known if they include a unique feature that sets them apart from each other. As with other Canon concepts that are discovered through various patent offices, there is a possibility that the product may not see an actual release. However, the device would be the first of its kind to allow for lens interchangeability if the Japanese company decides to develop it.

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