Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Caviar Naturally Has Gold AirPods Max That Costs US$108000

The Apple AirPods Max will cost RM2399 when you pick it up off  shelves. But if you think that the price is not high enough, there’s always a luxury alternative by Caviar. The Russian company has two variants of the headphones with quite a lot of gold on it.

Caviar claims that it makes use of pure 750 gold for both models. The difference between the two is that the parts that are not gold is black on one, and white on the other. Both make use of crocodile leather, just in case gold on its own was not luxurious enough.

Though it sounds like Caviar is only making one of each. On the individual pages of each variant, the company has a line that reads “will be released in a single piece worldwide”. This makes it even more exclusive than what the company usually does.

Naturally, on top of its extremely limited production run, each of the gold AirPods Max is priced at US$108000 (~RM437000). These will be available starting from an unspecified date sometime in 2021. Caviar also did not mention anything about a luxury edition carrying case, for better or worse. Though chances are it would not be a deal breaker for anyone planning to buy this in the first place.

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