Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Some Mac mini M1 Are Actually Made In Malaysia


From time to time, you may stumble upon products that you did not expect to be made in Malaysia. Among recent examples are the processor and solid state drive for Xbox Series X as well as the upcoming batch of Nintendo Switch. Now, you can add the new M1-based Apple Mac mini into the list.

We first heard of such Mac mini from Reddit user cosmicrae but since the Mac mini M1 are not yet available in Malaysia, we are not able to check this ourselves. However, we thought of an alternative way to do this which is by scouring the Internet for videos and articles made by fellow tech media in markets that already receive the new compact desktop machine.

From our search which at times requires squinting our eyes really hard, we have learned that the units belonged to 9to5MacZollotech, and PCMag are made in Malaysia. Interesting enough, some were also using units that are made in China including Ars TechnicaCreative Blog, and The Verge.

Even though its local pricing has already been revealed by Apple which starts at RM 2999, the release date of Mac Mini M1 is not yet known for Malaysia though. Some may found it quite odd given that the desktop machine is made or at least assembled here in our country but that is just one of the ironic nature of the global supply chain.

At the very least, the Mac mini M1 will still be officially available here in Malaysia. Unlike the Xbox Series X.

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