Wednesday, December 23, 2020

US FCC Confirms Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Comes With S-Pen Support

We have previously seen reports saying the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will come with support for the S-Pen stylus. And it looks like support for the signature Note accessory line will indeed be coming with the Ultra-sized device. The device dropped by the US FCC, and its filing does indeed confirm support for the stylus.

Beyond simply supporting the S-Pen, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will also come with a new feature for the stylus. This comes in the form of the Hover functionality. This lets users hold the stylus above the screen to access various features. These range from basic stuff like displaying a pointer to previewing content.

That being said, it remains to be seen if the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will indeed come with the S-Pen itself. This is especially with previous reports stating that, despite having support for it, the phone doesn’t have a slot to store it like the Note devices do. That feature is expected to come in the form of another accessory like a case. Which will likely mean the stylus will be sold separately, or as a bundle of sorts.

Other things that the FCC revealed about the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra include wireless charging and reverse wireless charging, WiFi 6E and NFC.

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