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Ah Long find a wrong person end up next owner suffering.... now Owner been harassment by Ah Long

I do not know how to start, because this is the first time I share a painful story that bothers us that lasts from 2018 until now.
There is just the strength to share problems. And, this strength is present as it can no longer bear the feeling of being very depressed, worried, scared and restless as long as this scammer is still doing evil deeds by using us as victims and the authorities who are supposed to solve this problem can not help ..

I am currently experiencing irregular palpitations. The heart is pounding. The feeling of the heart being pierced by a sharp object. Migraines always come day and night. Anxiety and fear do not need to be told.

Sitting at home as a result of the sweat of our own husband and wife. But our souls are like refugees hunted by tyrannical soldiers.

I want to share these horrible pictures with everyone. When look later, many people must have asked. "What is the case until my house and car are splashed with paint .. my husband owes money to Ah long? “

This is the cynical view that had to be swallowed. We are already victims of fraud. One of the owners who sold the house to us used our address for his AH-LONG DEBT. When he did not pay, the AHLONGs came looking for him at home.

The story begins ....

The story..husband bought a house in July 2018, at first nothing happened Thanks God, entering the end of 2018, we started receiving 1 letter in the post box..a letter without an envelope in Chinese ready with a copy ic of the name Chang Kok Foong..I ignored it because I did not think it was a letter to collect debts again but not for us.but I took the letter and saved it.

Shortly afterwards..someone came to ask..this is Chang Kok Foong's house? I answered no, it was sold. It didn't end there, the they came many more times Ah Long, and asked the same question and then they came again and again .. (at that time I thought why are there so many friends of Chang Kok Foong he came looking for him..I don't know if he has moved)

Until one day, I forgot the date of the incident, but at that time I was in the house .. suddenly noticed a car stopped and threw something into the fence of the house .. I went out and saw them throwing paper about 50 pieces with the same writing ..there is a picture of the rogue ic..I kept whatsapp my Chinese neighbour..and asked what the Chinese writing meant..and from there I just found out..the owner of this old house is there for an ah long loan..they asked to pay the debt .
With anger, we continued to call the phone number listed on the paper and said they would report to the police if it was messed up again because the suspect had sold this house.

Remember it ends there... but apparently not.
Fasting month 2020, there was an attempt from Ah long to chain the house from the outside, we were inside the house. the husband managed to catch up and managed to snatch the keys to their motorcycle. They promised not to mess up again and would inform their boss.

We took a picture of Ah Long and his IC for proof later. After that there was another Ah Long coming asking in a good way..ask this and ask that... maybe a licensed loan company.

A year ago, in March 2019 we returned to the village to celebrate in the evening, the neighbour next to whatsapp said our house fence had an iron chain and there was Chinese writing on the fence. OMG, I really want to be angry at that time... keep us to called Nilam puri police station to make a report, that is the first report..The police on duty said, he will inform immediately to IPD serdang (IPD serdang is closest to the house, in 15 minutes by car) .He asked us to just wait for the call from serdang police station.

We do not like to sit..tomorrow we continue to go back to KL .. until then really can not enter the house as the fence is chained. Husband asked his friend to come and help cut the iron chain so we can enter.

A few days of waiting, but no call from the police. so we went there to bring the report. Then we were taken to see Inspector S on duty. He said he would investigate this case. And 2 @ 3 days later the husband did a followup to ask about our case. The Inspector told me that he had called Ah long and told the real situation to Ah Long (we also called Al Long before this)

A man for a moment after that, Remind me not to be disturbed, but apparently there is still Ah Long who came looking for this rogue at home, but he came in a good way and just asked., I did not make a report.
I had time to ask the Ah Long ..he said Chang Kok Foong made a loan using this house address as his place of residence and included the latest electricity bill addressing our house to make a loan, while showing the bill, but unfortunately I was not moved to request a picture of the bill as our savings.

From there we just found out, he forged TNB documents to make a loan. I showed the real bill to the debt collector. He say OK... Then... 

Ah Long is still coming..and over 15 x and everyone is not there. Meaning not with an Ah Long only he made a loan.
The police are quiet..We are scared at home..our children are not allowed to play outside the house because they are worried.

Enter the year 2020. we are safe for a while.. Mco and PKP is over, Ah Long started doing things.

As usual, after my husband went to the office, I would do work in the kitchen, time in the kitchen, I smelled a strong smell of paint. ..shaking hands..don't know what to do.Continue to call my husband and husband asked me to call the police.The police said, he will send a patrol police to my house. OMG, my husband went to work at that time, otherwise his car must have been hit once.

We went to IPD Serdang to make a new report. We told everything from the beginning..and brought the letters from Ah Long that were pasted on the fence and put in the post box before this..The police came to the house..for people work.

They told us to investigate this case. After 3 days ..Insp A had a phone call he said he had successfully contacted Chang Kok Foong and Chang Kok Foong would come to our house (We remember he managed to find, but after being asked apparently managed to contact via phone number. Insp A, Chang Kok Fong was not involved because he said his IC had been lost and misused by other parties to impose it.

God, we who are not police do not even believe in that reason. It is impossible for Ah long to lend money, just show the face IC is not the same as IC .. while there is a selfie picture of Chang Kok Foong in Ah Long's storage sent to us. Selfie picture of a surprised face as if about to be struck by lightning.

According to Ins A, the police could not do anything, because there was no evidence to arrest Chang Kok Foong because it was not Chang Kok Foong who sprayed paint and Ah Long. We were told to arrest Chang Kok Foong for TNB document fraud, there needs to be evidence. The police said again because there was no evidence that they could not do anything. No evidence? After that, do you want to tell us to look for evidence? What is the use of the picture of IC Ah long that the husband managed to capture when they came to chain the fence of the house that day.

The police could not find Ah Long to get the loan documents used by Chang Kok Foong based on the address and IC number of Ah Long that we gave. The picture I took was very clear and bright. It was impossible not to find it. We were tired because of Insp A.

He said he could only help to ask Chang Kok Foong to come and solve the problem with us. According to Insp A, Chang Kok Foong will come tomorrow.

Husband went to the office as usual so he was sure the rogue was impossible to come but asked the guard in the housing park that we paid monthly to stay awake.

As expected, Chang Kok Foong did not come. It's easy for Insp .A to be deceived by him. The rogue seems to be happy to avoid the police because he believes the story.

We have another whatsapp with Ins A asking about IC Chang Kok Foong..the Ins A said Chang Kok Foong has changed the new address on his ic. we are not sure with that answer and thank God I have an acquaintance who works at JPN and according to JPN staff Ic Chang Kok Foong address is still our home address, and Chang Kok Foong once applied to make an address change online in 2019 but until to that day in July 2020, he has not yet come to JPN for the next process.

We think, Chang Kok Foong will not change the address because he is having fun doing bad work using our home address and the fake electricity bill and the police can not do anything about it. Just call.

Really disappointed with the Ins A.
As long as Chang Kok Foong is long as he is, he will borrow Ah long money and our house and electricity bill from our house as collateral for the loan..and as long as that Ah long will come to bother us because he thinks we are tenants.

Our lives are not safe, I am in fear and our personal safety and property are threatened. As long as that is the case, someone will follow me (yes, I was followed 2 times when I wanted to pick up my school children until I returned home, they followed me intention to be scared so maybe they remember me as the tenant of Chang Kok Foong house.

For the last time I enlisted the help of Insp A to make a notice @memo stating "The address house ........ no longer belongs to Chang Kok Foong and has been sold to a new owner named ......" to I put it in front of the fence of the house..But I was very disappointed, the Insp told me that my superiors could not do it because it was not their jurisdiction .. the police asked us to go to MPSJ to help us.

We do not want a notice from MPSJ..but a notice from the police, so that Ah Long knows we have a police report and maybe they are a little scared to do something

We are very disappointed. We live in our own house, our homeland but we do not live in peace. Probably because we are not dignitaries, not politicians, not rich people, so our problems are not taken into consideration. Long kacau sbb remember we are the tenants of Chang Kok Foong's house because of his IC and the fake TNB bill.
Those who are supposed to keep the peace can not take any action.

There is no intention to share this story before..but yesterday, we and the neighbors received another letter by post, the same threatening letter. A letter of threat to collect the debt was also sent to the houses of the neighbors left and right and in front of the house.

We suspect Chang Kok Foong has made another new loan with Ah Long from Johor (on the envelope there is a Johor post office stamp). So maybe we will go through the same thing without end because there is no action by the authorities on it.

Maybe, by the way I share on this fb..our problem can be solved with the help of viral power ... yes I vitalised the picture of CHANG KOK FOONG the debtor who cheated in the hope that friends can share my post and hopefully it reaches the knowledge of Ah Long 2 who are the loan or who will loan so as not to be deceived by Chang Kok Foong and make us a family of victims for his heinous act.

My family and I pray that this road will stop our nightmare. May one day the sky return to us. We ask for your kind service to help our efforts to viralize this matter. Thank you.

For those who suggested we ask for help from PPIM..yes we have contacted but unfortunately they can not help because according to them, in this case, we are not the ones who are in debt. If we are the ones who are in debt, they can help.

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