Monday, January 4, 2021

Alleged Intel 500 Series Logos Leak; Includes Z590, B560, H510 Chipsets

The CES 2021 virtual roadshow is just eight days away, and leaks, speculations, and rumours over what will be announced by major industry players are slowly making their way online. In the case of Intel, the company’s alleged 500 series chipset logos seem to have leaked to the masses.

From the looks of it, the revamped design still maintains the Intel’s signature shade of blue, along with a new logo to represent the chipset. To that end, the new logo will be used across three SKUs: the enthusiast-level Z590, mid-range B560, and entry-level H510.

Beyond the naming convention, we already know that the chipset will accommodate Intel’s 11th generation Rocket Lake-S CPU lineup, which is expected to be the last of the semiconductor brand’s 14nm processors. Moreover, it will come with PCIe Gen4 hardware support, a feature that has kept it chasing the tail of its competitor, AMD, for more than a year.

The lifespan of the 500 series chipset, however, is only expected to last for little more than one year; Intel has already confirmed that it will be announcing its 12th generation Alder Lake desktop CPU lineup later this year, with the new chipset showcasing an entirely new LGA1700 socket. Moreover, both Intel and AMD are also expected to introduce new PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 RAM platforms on both the LGA1700 and AM5 sockets, respectively. To that end, it can be argued that this may not be the best time to upgrade to an Intel-powered rig, especially in the long-term.

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