Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Anonymous Malaysia Is Apparently Going After The Government Once Again

Almost six years since the group declared its intention to launch a massive cyberattack on the government, Anonymous Malaysia is back once again. That is if this new video on Facebook to be believed, which is apparently intended to be a “wake-up call” to the Malaysian government.

In the video, Anonymous Malaysia claimed that the government’s cybersecurity level is still relatively low which could lead to data leak. Additionally, the group has also touched on the massive telco leak in 2017 which involved around 46 million mobile numbers, as well as the rise of scam cases and the recent cyberattack incident involving the Malaysian Armed Forces web portal.

Anonymous Malaysia blamed the government which it claimed were not supportive of developers. That being said, the group also pointed out that the developers themselves did not take ownership of their code while being stagnant and unwilling to do something about their mistakes.

Unlike the last known Malaysia-related Anonymous operation in 2015 which also involved some additional drama, this group did not clearly specify its plan in the new video. However, there is still a possibility that Anonymous Malaysia could embark on a cyberattack operation, judging from the #OpsWakeUp21 hashtag that accompanied the video.

As pointed earlier, the authenticity of this video is still uncertain at the moment. Nevertheless, let’s see what will transpire next.

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