Saturday, January 30, 2021

Capcom Is Selling Chris Redfield’s Wool Coat From Resident Evil Village For RM6229

A couple of years ago, Capcom made available for purchase the trench coat worn by Dante in Devil May Cry 5. It was a Japan exclusive thing, and exorbitantly expensive. But now, the company has another piece of clothing from an upcoming game, Resident Evil Village. And while it’s not as expensive in comparison, it looks even more undeserving of its price tag.

In another Japan-exclusive deal, Capcom is selling the wool coat worn by Chris Redfield in Resident Evil Village. And the company is asking for JPY159731 for it (~RM6229). Which is ridiculous, as it is literally just a wool coat. It has nothing going for it – no unique print, nothing hanging off of it, nothing. It’s as plain as you saw it in the trailers. It doesn’t even have buttons.

What it does have though is four sizes to choose from. These range from medium, large, extra large, and an “Original Model”. The last one is the largest of them all, and is the one that was 3D-scanned into Resident Evil Village. This implies that it’s the size a real-life Chris Redfield would wear. The other sizes were adjusted to fit the proportions of more average people.

And if you thought that the price of the wool jacket was not high enough a price, don’t fret. Capcom has a bunch of other items in its “Complete Set Collectors Edition” for Resident Evil Village. This comes with the aforementioned coat, a Chirs Redfield statue, 1/6 miniature replicas of gear you’ll find in-game and an art book. This is priced at JPY192500 (~RM7508).

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