Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Confirmed: Dragon Age 4 To Be Set In And Around Tevinter

If you’re a fan of Dragon Age and you also finished the Trespasser expansion for the last instalment, you’ll know that the developers of Dragon Age 4 hinted at the game taking place in Tevinter: an area still largely unexplored and unknown. A point that a writer at Eurogamer now seems to confirm.

To be precise, the stage for Dragon Age 4 was reportedly confirmed via a book called “BioWare: Stories and Secrets from 25 of Game Development”, with Tevinter – also the homeland of the mage Dorian – squarely being the main focus in a fight that will put them squarely against the Dread Wolf, otherwise known as Solas, who was a playable character before revealing his true nature.

The book also gives a glimpse of Antiva City, a city that sits at the border of Tevinter to the east. In addition, the book also shows concept art of what’s called an Antivan Crow; a kind of assassin reportedly known for their proficiency in “stylish slaying” of their targets.

Sadly, there still isn’t a whole lot of detail regarding the premise of Dragon Age 4. Based on the last teaser trailer, we do know that Bioware will be making us create a brand new player character from scratch and, from the looks of it, Varric the dwarf will be making a return to the series. Although in what role and capacity, only the Maker knows.

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