Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Nissan Unveils The NV350 Office Pod Concept; A Van With A Retractable Office

Taking our work outside is probably the last thing most would have in mind of doing, especially with the situation we’re facing at this time. Nissan, on the other hand, is proposing just that with a new vehicle concept that features an interesting twist to both the car itself and the remote working approach.

Meet the NV350 Office Pod, a concept van that kind of works like a RV (recreational vehicle) or caravan. But instead of a mobile home function, and as implied by its name, the vehicle comes with a built in office space that can be retracted out from its back. As seen from the video of the concept vehicle provided by the automaker, all the driver needs to do is lift the van’s rear door and activate the mechanism that slides the office module out. A very gimmicky feature, but it’s not every day someone gets to say they own a vehicle that can transform.

The pod itself resembles a curved-yet-square version of the letter “G” when viewed from the front, where the flat tip of the shape serves as a desk for your laptop or PC. Inside the office module includes a built-in Herman Miller office chair, and you’ll also notice there are openings in the front and back, as well as on the right side. Keep in mind that only the rear opening is windowed up, while the front and side is fully exposed to the elements. So it’s wise not to activate this mode when the weather is not so ideal for an outdoor work trip.

But should the weather be fine, the Nissan NV350 Office Pod also offers you with a “balcony” feature so that you can take some time off and relax. As shown in the aforementioned video, this attachment is assembled on the roof of the van, which includes a beach chair, side table, large umbrella and even a ladder to help you get on top. We have no idea where or how this particular set is stored when not in use, but it is suggested that it comes with the overall package.

Other than that, the concept van also comes with several other features to make your outdoor work trip comfortable. These include a polycarbonate floor with display, backlight carpeted floor mats, electric shade windows that cover or display the view electronically, glove box with antibacterial UV light, and an AC/DC inverter to power onboard devices (PC, coffee maker, etc).

As cool as it looks, there’s no denying that this idea of working remotely via this Nissan concept vehicle is somewhat bizarre. It is likely intended to be used after the current pandemic is resolved, but it also makes sense to use it just to get away from populated areas and embrace nature. That is, if the authorities allow you to do so in the first place, and we don’t think a work pass is going to cut it.

Keep in mind that the Nissan NV350 Office Pod is just a concept for now. Therefore, it is very unlikely to see the vehicle hitting the roads anytime soon.

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