Monday, January 18, 2021

Original Doom Gets An Unofficial Port To The Sega Genesis

The original Doom from back in 1993 seems to be a very popular game to port to all sorts of weird places. We’ve seen the game getting ported into Minecraft, and even a pregnancy test kit. Now, perhaps more conventionally, we see it getting ported to the base Sega Genesis.

To be fair, the original Doom was indeed a game that was available for the Sega Genesis or Mega Drive. But this involved an add-on called the 32X. This allowed the 16-bit console to run 32-bit games. This current attempt is one that involves running the game without the add-on.

Retro game maker Uniq Games got the original Doom to run on the legacy console via a Mega EverDrive cartridge. It runs pretty smoothly, and is actually quite comparable to the original experience on a Windows 95 machine of its time.

And it’s a massive improvement over a previous attempt just last month. PCGamesN reports that the previous attempt by Twitter user @krikzz ran in greyscale, and you couldn’t even move. The same Twitter user also showed a clip of themselves running the new version of Doom on the Mega EverDrive cartridge.

This is one more addition to the list of Doom unofficial ports. And it looks to be a list that will get longer. For some reason, this particular game is a popular candidate for port mods.

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