Tuesday, January 12, 2021

OtterBox Starts Making Accessories For Xbox Controllers

OtterBox is usually a name you associate with phone cases. But it looks like the company is now making accessories for Xbox controllers as well. The company’s new range has things for both mobile gamers who like using controllers, or bona fide gamers on consoles or PC.

First item on the OtterBox gaming range is the Easy Grip Controller Shell. As the name suggests, this is a protective shell for the standard Xbox controller of both the Xbox One and Series X. It’s basically the protective cases that you’re familiar with, but for the controller rather than a phone. Though the buttons remain exposed so that your access to them is not blocked. The sides come with grip pads that can be swapped to a different colour, or just an easier time cleaning.

Beyond that are items for the mobile gamer. One is the OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip. This one is probably the least special of the lot, as it’s just the item that attaches your phone to the Xbox controller. But it does fold flat so that it, and the controller, can be stored easily in the next item.

And that is the OtterBox Gaming Carrying Case. In the large scheme of things, also not very revolutionary. But it’s designed to carry an Xbox controller that has both the shell and the clip attached. It also has pockets for cables, a charging cable passthrough, and a screen stand for your phone.

The OtterBox Easy Grip Controller Shell, Mobile Gaming Clip and Gaming Carrying Case are priced at US$40 (~RM162), US$30 (~RM122) and US$45 (~RM183), respectively. They will go up for pre-orders starting 25 January, but no word yet on if this applies to our market.

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