Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Razer Has Its Own RGB Smart Mask Called Project Hazel

LG announced its air purifier mask called the PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier last year. Now, at CES, Razer announced its own, in the form of Project Hazel. And it definitely has the look of something the company will make.

Subjectively speaking, the Razer Project Hazel is the better looking smart mask. But looks aside, it sets itself apart by being mostly transparent. This allows your lips to be seen, giving an idea of what you’re saying even if your voice is muffled.

And addressing the muffled voice is where the ventilators come in. Not only do they house the filters, they also have mics and amplifiers embedded to project your voice through the mask. Naturally, the inside portion of these come with Razer Chroma RGB lightning.

The top portion of Project Hazel comes with a silicon guard. This prevents outside air from coming in, and keeps your own droplets from breathing and speaking to yourself. The silicon material helps it mould itself to the shape of your face.

Razer claims that Project Hazel is the world’s smartest mask. The company also says that it is classified as a surgical N95 respirator in regards to its filtration ability. But ultimately, this looks to be nothing more than a concept for now. So there’s no price or availability until it becomes more than that.

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