Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Samsung Recreates Legendary Flip Phones Into Galaxy Buds Pro Casings

The recent popularity of true wireless earbuds (TWE) has also created demands for TWE protective casings which are available in many forms and designs although very few of them are made by TWE manufacturers themselves. However, what Samsung has released for the new Galaxy Buds Pro in Korea seems like among the best first-party effort out there.

Available as an add-on purchase, one of the cases comes in the form of a miniature SGH-T100 which is a flip phone that Samsung originally released in 2001. The device was quite popular all over the world and was so successful to the extent that it became the first Samsung phone that joined the company’s “10 Million Seller Club”.

On another hand, customers can also choose another miniature flip phone, the SGH-E700, as their Galaxy Buds Pro’s case. Just like the T100, the phone was also massively successful throughout the globe as Samsung has managed to sell more than 10 million of E700 throughout its lifetime.

Each of these tiny Samsung flip phone replicas is priced at KRW 33,000 (~RM 122) although it is not known at the moment whether the company has the plan to release them for their fans in Malaysia.

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