Wednesday, January 27, 2021

WHO exposed for covering up for China, Internal recording last January exposed

There had been internal dissatisfaction among the WHO organization that the top brass is bias and covering up for China.
A recording from last January before the the global outbreak had been exposed, Mike Ryan of WHO is heard as saying "I am insisting the same scenario, (as SARS) in Guangdong, the data shows that the infection will implode."
According to the voice recordings obtained by the Associated Press, at the WHO internal meeting held in January last year, executives said, "There is no evidence that human to human transmission is not possible." There are dissatisfaction one after another in the internal discussion.
Mike Ryan: "It is not enough that in general that there had been "No evidence" of human to human transmission. We need to look at the data, geographic distribution, timeline, only we are able to judge by ourselves, objectively of the epidemic curve."
However, at the same time, WHO Secretary-General Tedros repeatedly defended China, which also caused the Trump administration of the United States to withdraw from WHO.
The WHO investigation team investigating the source of the virus is expected to start a concrete investigation in Wuhan City on the 28th, but there is a deep-rooted skepticism as to whether China will cooperate

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