Wednesday, February 3, 2021

4.5 Million PS5 Consoles Were Sold In Q4 2020

Scaplers aside, the fact that it’s so difficult to get a PS5 is a sign that it sold very well. And according to Sony’s earnings report, the company said that it sold 4.5 million units of the console.

That many consoles being sold, among other things, brought JPY883.2 billion (~RM34.04 billion) in revenue for the company. Other sales that contributed to the figure ranges from 1.4 million PS4 consoles being sold, despite many versions of it recently getting discontinued.

Though despite the strong numbers, actual profit figures went downwards instead. This is because the company sold the PS5 at “strategic price points” that were lower than manufacturing costs. No real surprise there, as reports prior to the console’s launch already pointed that the company is either making a very slim margin or outright lose money for each console it sells, at least in the early days.

That being said, Sony expects to sell slightly better in the current quarter. The company predicts a one-percent increase in revenue by 31 March. This naturally means that the company intends to make more PS5 consoles. But beyond that, hopefully the company also has steps in place to ensure that the consoles actually get to consumers.

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