Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Asgard Launches First DDR5-4800MHz Memory Module; Will Ship Out In 64GB Capacities

Asgard, a Chinese memory maker owned by Shenzhen Jiahe Jinwei Electronic Technology Co. Ltd., recently launched its first DDR5 memory module. Available in 64GB capacities, the company says that its memory module of the future will also be available in capacities of 32GB and 128GB.

In terms of specification, Asgard’s new DDR5 RAM will ship out with a frequency of 4800MHz, but as we’ve seen in previous reports, brands like SK Hynix are already working on DDR5 memory modules that can operate at higher frequencies; the South Korean memory maker suggests that with the new memory standard, we could be looking at 8400MHz, more than double the average 3200MHz that current DDR4 RAM runs on and nearly 50% faster than what is currently possible.

Moreover, Asgard’s new DDR5 memory module reportedly draws just 1.1V DRAM voltage, as well as CL timings of 40-40-40.

As exciting as this may sound, do note that Asgard’s DDR5 memory modules still haven’t been put into mass production yet, for the simple reason that there are no motherboards on the current market that supports it. That said, it is a relief to know that the memory standard is already there, especially once the Intel’s 12th Gen Alder Lake CPU series hits the market, along with AMD’s next generation of Zen CPUs.

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