Friday, February 19, 2021

Bungie To Expand Destiny Universe Into Additional Media

Bungie, the studio behind the Destiny series of games, wants it to be more than just games. On its website, the company mentions an expansion of not only the studio, but the universe of Destiny into “additional media”.

That being said, Bungie did not disclose much in terms of what its exact plans are in expanding the Destiny universe into other media. Granted, that’s not the main point of its post. Instead, the studio explains in detail its expansion plans for the year 2021. This includes additions to its executive ranks as well as board of directors.

And that lack of information makes it difficult to tell if what Bungie has in mind is a good idea. On one hand, plenty of video game IPs are getting expanded into more mainstream entertainment media. This ranges from the highly successful Witcher Netflix series to most video game movies that bomb hard. Even Dota is getting a Netflix animated series for the Dragon Knight character.

On the other, there’s the risk of overdoing it the way Final Fantasy XV did. Splitting one main story into so many different media ended up fragmenting the experience rather than supplementing it. Hopefully Bungie knows what it’s doing with its Destiny universe “additional media” plans.

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