Friday, February 19, 2021

EA Completes Acquisition Of Codemasters In US$1.2 Billion Deal

Codemasters, the video game studio behind popular racing IPs like DiRT and Project CARS, is now part of the Electronic Arts (EA) family. The video game publisher officially obtained the studio after both companies agreed to a payment of US$1.2 billion (~RM4.86 billion).

EA’s offer also outbid initial offers from Take-Two, the parent company of two other major studios, Rockstar and 2K Games. As to why EA is so eager to welcome Codemasters under its fold, it’s pretty clear that the publisher intends to make use of its newcomer’s expertise in racing titles and perhaps meet its goal of putting out racing games on a year-on-year basis.

It should be pointed out that racing sims aren’t the only games under Codemasters’ belt. The company is also the owner of the third-person adventure title, Overlord, but suffice to say, its bread and butter has always been the development and sales of titles like GRID.

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