Sunday, February 7, 2021

How to Date Woman in 2021, Your uncles & auntie never tell your... haha....

How to avoid become a doormat or relationship?

Avoid dating a prospect far attractive than you.
eg, you're only 5/10 but you use money to tame a 9/10
the market difference is too much that she will take advantage of you.

Avoid dating a selfish woman.
eg, spending habit (does she like to frequently buy things to pamper herself, that she may often hide her financial situation)
eg, emotional distancing (when you ask her how's her day going, she will often not ask about you, but keep bitching about something)

Date a girl who's not bad looking but she will be okay with MOST of your requests
(HOT girls are mostly entitled, and only use for short term pleasures)
Date a girl who can assist you with your financial field
(ideally, you're the company boss, she's helping you with small tasks, ONE HILL CANNOT STORE TWO TIGERS).
If both of your careers has huge CAREER DIFFERENCE ie you sell chickens at pasar she sells insurance with ah bengs
she will be competing with other guys out there and possibly become a frequent nightrider.

Communication is key to a healthy relationship, but that doesn't mean you've to tell your partner everything.
Familiarity makes people hate you because there is no potential growth. Human beings are not designed to feel trapped for too long (aka fuck this covid quarantine)

And finally, date a girl who respect her father or non from single motherhood.
girls from single parenthood can be too masculine because there was no man in her past.

Avoid being a savior esp to girls who're from broken family past (abusive/absence of parental investment, being broke financially)
i know you bunch of white knights of simps have soft heart

P/S: I'm not saying avoid these low quality women, at all cost. I just meant SCREEN them hard if you want long term thing.
you can smash them, just don't take em seriously! thumbsup.gif

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