Monday, February 1, 2021

Japanese Games Store Cancelled PS5 Sale Due To Rowdy Fans

The PS5 is a rare console despite it being still so new. This is thanks to limited supply of the machine, many of which were swept away by scalpers. So demand for one is understandably high. So much so that a store in Japan had to cancel the sale of its new batch of the console thanks to its rowdy customers.

According to Japanese outlet, Matomebu, the Akihabara branch of electronics chain Yodobashi Camera faced such an incident. Over the weekend, the outlet had planned fir its latest batch of PS5 stock to go on sale. Customers were already waiting outside before the store opened. And once it did, they all went straight to the video game section.

As soon as an employee came with the allocated raffle tickets, the customers started getting unruly, in their desperation to potentially own a PS5. Things got bad enough that the police were called to calm the situation down. The sale of the console was also ultimately cancelled because of this.

It’s certainly a strange image, and especially so now that Japan is currently under a state of emergency thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. But it just goes to show the extent of the limited availability of the PS5.

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