Thursday, February 25, 2021

Malaysia Airlines To Introduce Digital Travel Health Pass Soon; Will Be Integrated Into Its App

Malaysian Airlines will be introducing the Digital Travel Health Pass in order to ease the travelling process for its passengers in the post-pandemic world. In general, the digital pass will help verify that passengers have met all the requirements that allowed them to travel safely.

According to the airline, the pass will be integrated directly into the Malaysia Airlines mobile app. Among the functions that will be enabled by the pass include the ability to schedule COVID-19 RT-PCR test with the airline’s medical partners.

Passengers will also be able to digitally store their COVID-19 vaccination certificate inside the app and they can also use it to verify their travel eligibility directly with the airline. Malaysia Airlines has also adopted some of the modules from the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Travel Pass for its app, so that passengers can create a digital passport that includes all the necessary test and vaccination info that they can show to relevant authorities during their travels.

However, the exact rollout date of the Digital Travel Health Pass has not been revealed for the time being although we do know that IATA is planning to release the standalone version of its Travel Pass sometime in March. Malaysia Airlines said that more details will be revealed in due time, so do keep a look out for further updates from our country’s flag carrier soon.

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