Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Microsoft Currently Recruiting Producer For “New Halo Project”

Microsoft recently posted a job ad on its careers page, indicating that it is currently on a recruitment drive for 343 Industries, its video games studio. The company from Redmond is looking for a Producer to work on a yet unspecified Halo project.

The ad itself, sadly, doesn’t reveal any details about the unreleased Halo title but based on the way it is written, it is almost certain that the search for a producer isn’t for them to work on Halo Infinite; that game is already in the final stages of development and is slated to launch either during the third or fourth quarter of the year.

What exactly the untitled Halo project is anyone’s guess at this stage. Again, the job ad is lacking crucial game details and the role description sounds very ambiguous and vague. Given Halo Infinite’s imminent arrival this year, we highly doubt that whatever 343 Industries is working on is even going to make its debut or give a teaser anytime soon.

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