Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Popular Leakster Suspended From Twitter After Sharing Battlefield 6 Rumour

Electronic Arts (EA) seems to be taking some drastic measures to quell any and all rumours and leaks pertaining to the next instalment of its Battlefield franchise. In fact, it’s so drastic that the publisher is being fingered in the recent suspension of a prominent leakster’s Twitter account.

The leakster in question is Tom Henderson, who used to go by the Twitter username of “@_TomHenderson_”. As per Henderson’s account, he says that his Twitter account was reportedly suspended after he tweeted information about Activision’s tentatively named Call of Duty 2021, as well content relating to Battlefield 6 (BF6). On top of that, he’s also been asked to remove any relevant videos from his YouTube channel.

The post has long been taken down, but based on details obtained from a Reddit thread discussing Henderson’s post, the leaked BF6 data pointed to the game seeing a return to a modern setting, as well as being a soft reboot of the series. Henderson also tweeted that BF3 essentially serves as the foundation of the game, and that it could simply launched as just “Battlefield”; a sign that EA may be choosing to forgo the numerics in future titles.

The last two points seem to match up with what we already reported earlier this month. To recap, EA confirmed that the next Battlefield instalment will introduce several new features, some of which include maps that can accommodate up to 128 players and a promise of “all-out warfare”, among other things.

At the time of writing, Henderson says that he is still waiting for an official word from Twitter.

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