Monday, February 22, 2021

Spotify HiFi Tier To Be Available Later This Year; Offers Lossless Audio Format

During the company’s Stream On virtual event last night, Spotify has announced a new subscription tier that will be made available later this year called Spotify HiFi. The name itself describes what this new tier is all about: hi-fidelity audio.

At the moment, the audio quality on the streaming service maxed out at 320kbps. While last night’s announcement didn’t reveal the exact quality that Spotify HiFi will bring to consumers, the company promises that it will deliver “CD-quality, lossless audio format” through it.

As a comparison, Tidal and Amazon Music do offer 320kbps stream as standard but they pushed things further by bringing in the 24-bit/96kHz option into the picture. On another hand, Apple Music doesn’t publicly reveal its audio quality rate although most sources stated that the service uses 256kbps AAC.

Spotify didn’t reveal how much the new HiFi tier will cost but in case you need a reminder, its Premium subscription currently costs RM 14.90 per month in Malaysia while the Premium Duo and Premium Family are priced at RM 19.80 and RM 23.80, respectively. The company also didn’t announce any actual launch date for Spotify HiFi, so we have to wait for a while until it is ready to roll out to consumers.

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