Monday, March 22, 2021

2021 Edition of Samsung’s The Frame 4K Smart TVs Now Available For Pre-Order In Malaysia

You may remember in our previous report regarding the new Neo QLED Smart TVs that Samsung is launching in Malaysia this month. As the story goes, they will not be the only new Samsung Smart TVs that are coming to our shores though as the company is releasing the 2021 iteration of The Frame QLED 4K Smart Lifestyle TV over here as well.

Revealed alongside the Neo QLED lineup back in January, the 2021 version of The Frame is said to be 46% thinner than its predecessor. Samsung has also upgraded the internal storage for The Frame from just 500MB to 6GB which allows them to store up to 1,200 UHD images.

Additionally, 2021’s The Frame Series also comes standard with the equally new Eco Remote Control which doesn’t require AA or AAA batteries to functions but relies on its built-in solar panel or users can also choose to charge the remoted directly using its USB-C port.

While Samsung Malaysia’s website has listed five different screen sizes for 2021’s The Frame, the site is only taking pre-orders for the variant with 50, 55, and 65-inch screen at the moment. Price-wise, the 65-inch variant of 2021’s The Frame can be obtained for RM 9,499 while the 55 and 50-inch options are available for RM 6,999 and RM 5,799 respectively.

If you aiming for the 65 and 55-inch model, do note that Samsung Malaysia is currently giving away free soundbars for pre-orders until this Sunday, 28 March. To learn more, just head on to its official website.

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