Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Intel SSD 670p Goes Official: Made For Everyday Computing and Mainstream Gaming

Intel has announced that its new solid state drive, the SSD 670p is now officially available in the market. This particular model was first introduced back in December during the company’s Memory and Storage 2020 event which also saw the debut of Optane Memory H20 SSD.

As opposed to its predecessors, the SSD 670p features a denser 144-layer QLC 3D NAND flash memory alongside an updated controller. Despite being a newly released product, it still utilises a PCIe 3.0 x4 interface though which may disappoint those that are looking for PCIe 4.0-based SSD.

In terms of performance, Intel claimed that the new drive is able to deliver almost 2x sequential read speed over its predecessor. At the same time, the SSD 670p also offers 20% improvement in terms of write endurance which is rated at up to 740TBW for the 2TB variant of the drive.

Aside from the 2TB option, the SSD 670p can also be obtained with capacities of 1TB and 512GB. The company didn’t announce any specific pricing or release date for the drive in Malaysia although it does come with a general MSRP of USD 329 (~RM 1,334), USD 154 (~RM 624), and USD 89 (~RM 361), respectively.

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