Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Monster Hunter World Gets A Board Game; Kickstarter Campaign Starts 20 April

There have been quite a number of video games that have made the transition to physical board games. The latest addition to that list looks to be Monster Hunter World, if its Kickstarter campaign succeeds.

Monster Hunter World: The Board Game is made by Steamforged Games. The company has previously brought a number of other games to the tabletop. This includes the likes of Devil May Cry and Dark Souls. Like those iterations, this one featuring Monster Hunter will have cards represent the available weapons and the moves available to them. Hunters and monsters are represented by mini figures, the largest of which measures over a foot (~30.5cm) in height.

Tabletop news outlet Dicebreaker has a trailer showcasing the game setup, as well as a few models of the hunters and monsters. From there, we can see Rathalos, Anjanath, Great Jagras and Tobi-Kadachi figures against the hunters, which are quite accurate as far as scale goes.

According to Dicebreaker, the Kickstartercampaign will have three tiers. The first asks for US$70 (~RM282), and will come with the Ancient Forest biome, four hunters and four monsters. This will be enough to provide 30 hours of game play. A more “complete” experience comes at double the price, but double’s play time with monster count increasing to nine, and hunters up to eight. Going all-in with a US$279 (~RM1141), you get a 75-hour “campaign” and a total of 24 figures.

All in all, Monster Hunter World: The Board Game is bound to play very differently compared to the original. No surprise here, as it’s basically the same for every other game-to-tabletop conversion. Though it would serve as a bridge between the two worlds, possibly introducing fans of one to the other. The Kickstarter campaign kicks off proper on 20 April.

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