Friday, March 12, 2021

SK Hynix Begins Manufacturing Of 18GB LPDDR5 RAM For Mobile Devices

SKY, the South Korean semiconductor maker, announced that it has started the mass production of its 18GB LPDDR5 RAM for mobile devices. Upon completion, the memory module would be the largest capacity to be made, both in the industry and in the current market.

In terms of performance, SK Hynix’s new memory module has an average read and write speed of 6400Mbps, which the company says is approximately 20% faster than the currently existing LPDDR5 RAM on market, which is around 5500Mbps. To put it in another way, users would be able to transfer 10 Full HD movies 5GB in size, in a single second.

SK Hynix is expecting the new 18GB LPDDR5 RAM to be used in other applications like ultra-high-performance camera apps and artificial intelligence (AI) apps. As for availability, the new memory module will be available on both the ASUS ROG Phone 5 and Nubia Red Magic 6.

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