Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Twitter CEO Called Out For Tweeting During US Congressional Hearing

US Congressional hearings are far from being the most exciting thing a tech giant looks forward to, nor do they enjoy the questions that are asked in-session. For Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, the man may have indirectly compounded those uneasy feelings when he sent out a tweet, while still in the middle of his own hearing.

Dorsey’s tweet was picked up by the Democratic New York Representative, Kathleen Rice, who was sitting in on Dorsey’s Congressional hearing on disinformation and extremism. Where a panel of lawmakers dealt hard-hitting questions towards Dorsey – along with the CEOs of Facebook and Alphabet – over whether their social media platforms held any responsibility during the 6 January insurrection that led to deadly riots and storming of the US Capitol.

Dorsey’s tweet was a poll with the subject simply being a “?”, with the choices being Yes or No. While the message itself is cryptic, it’s likely Dorsey venting his frustration with regards to the format of the hearing; US lawmakers typically present either a loaded or unnecessarily complicated question to the subject, but demand that the latter reply with a simple “Yes” or “No” answer.

As you can imagine, Representative Rice was less than amused with Dorsey’s tweet and even brought it up during the five-hour session, asking the CEO which poll answer was leading. Dorsey’s answer was a monotonous “Yes”. At the time of writing, Yes currently leads at 65.4%, while No is at 34.6%. 

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