Sunday, March 7, 2021

Watch Dogs Legion Multiplayer Delayed Indefinitely For PC

We are just a couple of days to what was supposed to be the launch of multiplayer mode for Watch Dogs Legion. And the words “supposed to be” is especially pertinent here. This is because Ubisoft has announced that the mode is being pushed back. And it’s especially bad for the PC version of the game.

 In a tweet, the publisher said that it found an issue with the PC version of Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer that would cause systems with certain GPUs to crash. Because of this, Ubisoft is pushing back the release of the mode on PC indefinitely. The company said that it will “communicate the new launch date as soon as possible”.

Things aren’t as bad for the console versions of the mode, fortunately, even if the issue sounds similar.  This may have something to do with the uniformity of hardware across consoles. But more specifically, consoles may experience crashes when playing the Tactical Ops multiplayer mode. So with that, Ubisoft says it is pushing back Tactical Ops mode for console versions of Watch Dogs Legion to 23 March. Online multiplayer will go on ahead to launch on 9 March though.

At this point, it’s pretty tempting to say that the multiplayer mode of Watch Dogs Legion isn’t playing nice with AMD hardware. After all, the consoles use custom Navi-based GPUs, which would be similar to the new Radeom RX 6000 series of cards. Though that’s just speculation that doesn’t help bring the release date any closer.

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