Sunday, September 5, 2021

Government Launches New PPN Site With Easy-To-Understand Visuals

The National Recovery Council (NRC) recently launched a new webpage for the ongoing National Recovery Plan (PPN). The aim of the site is clearly to keep the nation informed about what the PPN is, through the use of easy-to-read visuals and tabs.

Each state has its own dashboard and selecting any of them will bring down the relevant information about them, including which phase of the PPN they are in, plus the SOPs they are in place for said phase. Stating the obvious, choosing WP KL will indicate that the Federal Territory is still in Phase 1, plus the SOPs and restrictions that are in place until the government moves it into the next phase.

That said, do remember that there is currently a special exception for areas that fall under the Klang Valley – that’s the state of Selangor, WP KL, and WP Putrajaya – whereby stores and eateries are allowed to operate and extend their services, but only to individuals that have completed their required number of vaccine doses and are able to provide proof of it.

Of course, it goes without saying store employees that are working must be fully vaccinated and must follow government guidelines regarding operational capacity for fully vaccinated staff.

In addition to the Phase and SOP dashboard, you’ll notice that there are also a total of 12 tabs under the “Find out more” section. Clicking on any one of these tabs, again, opens up and lists down the general SOPs for each phase. Additionally and depending on which state you reside in, you’ll see that a coloured outline on the relevant phase, indicating its current status. For example, Phase 1 is red, Phase 2 yellow, Phase 3 green, and finally, Phase 4 is blue.

We should also point out that the page has two tabs, Rakyat and Business, both of which are self-explanatory. By default, information that visitors first see are related to the people, while switching to the Business tab shows the relevant SOPs. Do note that, because of the vast number of services under each sector, clicking on them will open up a separate tab that lists down Phase SOPs for each service within them.

We highly recommend that you all visit the site, especially if you wish to get a better understanding of the SOPs within each phase. By contrast, it is also a damn sight easier to navigate through, compared to the list that was initially posted on the MKN’s site.

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