Saturday, September 22, 2018

Open Letter to Anwar Ibrahim

Dear Pak Syeikh,

Whilst a promise is a promise, such promises were made by politicians. Not by us the Rakyat. Yes we voted but we voted for various reasons. Not necessarily because we want you as Prime Minister.

And such promises were made as some means to some ends. And the ends were achieved; Najib and BN are now off their perch.

And the first promise kept; Tun M became Prime Minister. And the second promise kept; you pardoned and released.

Now, the next promise is for Tun to remain PM for 2 years before you take over. Lots have been said about the timeline but after learning how bad Najib had managed the country, having Tun M stay a little longer don’t seem like a bad idea.

Add the infighting and power struggle in PKR, it seems more likely needed for Tun M to stay until you sort your party out.

Your move to get back into Parliament via #PDmove seems a little rushed. You yourself said that you will support Tun M and the new government. So can we see you fulfill that promise where you are needed the most?

You said you want to reform the Parliament. However, the Parliament recently managed to pass the repeal of the Anti Fake News act without much problem. It doesn’t seem to need immediate reform with all the juggernauts of PH already in there.

Dewan Negara however, need you badly. It is still full of senators appointed by Barisan Nasional. And they recently blocked the move by Dewan Rakyat to repeal the Anti Fake News act. Don’t you see the immediate need there? Don’t you see where you’re needed the most there?

What’s the point of you being in Dewan Rakyat to reform it when BN senators will just block it after in Dewan Negara? Do you not see this?

Why do I, a nobody, have to tell you this?

And if you can’t even see this immediate need of reform in the Dewan Negara, why should you become our Prime Minister?

You can become PM and pass bills in Dewan Rakyat but BN will just block it at Dewan Negara.

What’s the point then?

When you said, it should be me (as PM), I sometimes wonder if ‘it should be me, and not you’, since you don’t seem to have a clue where you’re really needed at this juncture.

Get yourself appointed as Senator, use your world-renown oratory skills to convince BN Senators to work with the new government.

That is how you prove to Malaysians that you still got it. That you’re still a PM material.

Rushing into parliament despite knowing Dewan Negara is a big problem, means you’re planning something sinister. Especially since you did announce a coup attempt back in 2008, and failed.

If you remember your own words in GE13, you said if you fail to topple Najib and BN, you will retire. You then made a u-turn and say you can’t retire because you need to expose electoral fraud.

All done and dusted. Why haven’t you retired yet? But that’s fine because promises have been made. Honor it, but first, tackle the immediate problem. Dewan Negara for you. Back off PD.

– Mujahidin Zulkiffli

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