Saturday, September 15, 2018

Spotify Raises Download Limit To 10000; Device Limit Up To Five

Spotify has changed the music landscape by letting you stream your music instead of downloading them. If you use the service but still prefer the old-school method of listening to music, then you may have encountered this strange limit. Spotify apparently only allows you to download 3333 songs to a device at a time. That number has now been raised to 10000, as reported by Rolling Stone.

Another limit that has been raised is the number of devices that you can hold your downloaded tracks. From the previous three, you can now have five devices to hold your downloaded tracks. This means instead of having 9999 songs over three devices, you can now technically have 50000 over five devices.

We say technically, because The Verge reports that another arbitrary limit – you can apparently only have 10000 tracks in your personal library – is still in place. This means that you can only store the maximum downloads on one device in your library anyway, even if you can have four other devices tied to your account.
Still, being able to download more songs onto your device is still a good thing. It would, to quote the Rolling Stone report, make the Spotify experience more like actually owning music instead of just leasing it.

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